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Using a Water Softener – Is It the Right Investment for You?

Many people invest in a water softener for their home each year when they find hard water deposits in their sink or on their faucets, but understanding how they work is the absolute key to knowing whether this investment is right for you. Take a look at just how helpful a water softener system can be.

Why Water Softeners?

Before you understand how they work, it might be important to understand what hard water is. The term “hard water” comes from the idea that there are minerals packed in the water coming into various places. While the water is in the ground, it picks up bits of minerals like calcium and magnesium. When it actually enters your home, the calcium and magnesium end up getting left behind long after you’ve used the water. You can often find a film in your shower, dishes covered in spots, and little water spots all over your faucets if you do have hard water.

What About Water Softeners?

Water softeners work to eliminate the added calcium and magnesium in your water. They typically work like this. Priceless Plumbing adds a water softener to your home’s main water supply system. This means all of your water will now pass through a mineral tank before it actually comes out of one of your taps. Inside the mineral tank are beads made of polystyrene. They have a negative charge. Because calcium and magnesium both have a positive charge, the minerals will clink to the beads as it passes through the tank. The softened water then leaves the tank and flows into your tap.

So, do you need a water softener in your home? It could mean far quicker cleaning and reduced energy bills in the long run. If you’re interested in learning how water softeners work and if they will work in your home, contact us today.

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