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Smart Thermostat Installation Can Save You a Bundle!

A smart thermostat is a state-of-the-art device that lets you either manage your home’s temperature by way of remote control or by using a smartphone, tablet or computer, or it can be programmed to automatically control the temperature in your home once it learns your routine and determines your preferences.  Exactly what it can do depends on the particular smart thermostat installation that you purchase.

Remotely controlling your smart thermostat is one of the features that many homeowners love about their smart thermostat.  It gives the homeowner the ability to control their thermostat wherever they might be thanks to an app that is downloaded to their smartphone or tablet.  The app gives the user full and complete control over the temperature of their home when they are not there.  Because of this, the user can have the temperature set at a less comfortable but more economical temperature setting when they are away from home and then set their preferred temperature to be maintained by the time they arrive home.

Some smart thermostats offer more features, such as the ability to learn your schedule and preferences, and then control your thermostat with that information.  The NEST Thermostat, for example, has a program that learns your schedule and turns the temperature down when you’re gone so you can save on energy when you’re not home.

Simply turn your thermostat up or down as you would any other thermostat. After a while, the smart thermostat learns your schedule and will create a personalized schedule for you.  It even turns the temperature down when you’re away from home to save on energy costs.  It can do this by detecting when your smartphone leaves the house.  The features and perks that each particular smart thermostat offers will depend on the exact type of smart thermostat that you purchase.

Priceless Plumbing Heating & Air offers smart thermostat installation and a number of models. Our experts can help you choose the one that’s right for your particular lifestyle, and install it in your home.

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