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Common Sewer Line Problems for Homeowners

One of the most common plumbing problems a homeowner can face are sewer line problems.  A clogged sewer line can not only be an inconvenience but it can also cause a good deal of damage if the raw sewage backs up into the home.  Some of the most common problems that can plague a sewer line are listed below.

Blockages in the sewer line are one of the most typical problems that can arise with a sewer line.  The most common culprit with blockages is when grease or fat has been poured down the drain.  Even though the grease that is poured down the drain is a liquid when disposed of, it soon hardens and can then block your sewer line.  Because of this, it’s important to avoid pouring any grease or other fats down your drain.

Tree roots can also cause blockages in the sewer line.  Once roots enter your sewer line, they can harm the line and cause a good deal of damage if left untreated.  Since tree roots can travel a good distance underground, it’s important to note that even if you don’t have a tree on your property, tree roots from your neighbor’s tree can travel a good distance and then create a big sewer line problems.

Sewer lines can also simply deteriorate and collapse over time and cause a blockage if they are older lines that are made from clay or cast iron.  Today’s sewer lines are normally made from PVC piping but, unfortunately, many older houses have clay or iron sewer lines which can cause problems.

Pipes can also simply break, cave in or get out of position due to the soil freezing or shifting and when this happens, it can cause a blockage.

Pipe seals can also break and cause the sewer line to leak and escape into the ground near the sewer line.

If you are in need of repairs for sewer line problems, Tempe’s own Priceless Plumbing can help.  We offer professional and knowledgeable plumbers who can solve your problem.

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