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Plumbing Repairs From Leaking Pipes

Unfortunately for homeowners, plumbing repairs are not uncommon. In fact, a major problem that can happen in your home is pipes developing an unexpected leak.  Sadly, leaking pipes can cost a homeowner quite a bit of money.

Not only paying a higher water bill for a pipe that is leaking in the ground outside, but it can also cost the homeowner a huge amount of money when water damage happens inside the home, like with the home’s foundation, wood flooring, carpet, and even walls if the water seeps into them.  With this in mind, it’s a good idea to know what the warning signs are for a potential leak.  Below are several warning signs every homeowner needs to keep an eye out for.

Cloudy or mucky water can be a sign that it’s time to repair pipes in your home, even if the water clears up after a few seconds.  This warning sign not only signals that your pipes might be in need of repair, but cloudy water can also be a warning that your family is in danger of hazardous contaminants in the water.

Faucets that have low water pressure can also be a sign that you might have leaking pipes.

Finding unexplained water spots in your floors, walls or ceiling may indicate you have a leak and you need to address this problem immediately before it gets worse.

Hearing strange noises coming from your pipes can also be a sign that you might have a leak or a blockage. The noise might be indicating that water is straining to get through the pipes and you might have a blockage that will soon cause your pipes to leak.

Pipes that show corrosion on the outside can also be an indicator that you might have a problem if the corrosion is extensive enough.

If you see any of the above warning signs of a potential leak, then you need to call in a professional plumbing company. Before your small leak turns into a major leak and causes extensive damage to your home, call Priceless Plumbing, Tempe’s number one pipe repair company.

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