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How to Avoid Clogged Drains and Pipes With These Prevention Tips

Drains and pipes seem to clog at the worst possible moments, such as when you’re having guests over and want to cook the perfect dinner or when you’re at your busiest.  Here are a few tips that to help you avoid clogged drains and pipes in the near future!

Never place cooking grease or fats down the drain.  Instead, place them in a coffee can or a milk container and then dispose of the grease in the trash.  The reason for this is simple: while the grease may be liquid when it goes down the drain, it will soon harden and then clogs your drain.

Use mesh screens over your drains to keep food particles out of your pipes.  This is probably not only the simplest method to avoid clogged drains and pipes, but it’s also a very inexpensive way to keep them clear as well.

Make certain you turn your hot water on after each use and let it run for a bit.  This will wash any debris down and begin clearing pipes, rather than let it sit in the pipes and cause a clog later.

Keep hair out of your drains and pipes.  This can be accomplished by the use of a mesh screen on your tub’s drain.  It can also be accomplished by simply brushing your hair before you take a shower or bath.  The brush will catch a good deal of the hair and avoid the possibility of it going down the drain.  You can also eliminate hair going down your drain by washing your pets outside if you use your bathtub to groom a pet.

Last, use your garbage disposals less and create a compost bin.  A garbage disposal can be a great convenience but they can also cause drains and pipes to clog if used for everything.  So, instead of placing your table scraps, fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, and coffee grounds down your garbage disposal, place them in a compost bin instead.  Compost bins are a sustainable alternative for some trash removal.

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