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toilet flange repair priceless plumbing tempe az

Toilet Flange Repair: A Few Helpful Tips to Fix it Quickly

If you’ve ever sat down on the seat of your toilet and it felt a bit wobbly, it is possible that a toilet flange repair is necessary. Fortunately, this is a fairly quick job and you can fix it yourself and we have the following tips to help.

The process of toilet flange repair starts when …Continue Reading »

air duct cleaning priceless plumbing tempe

Air Duct Cleaning – Why Bother?

Studies have repeatedly shown that the air inside your home can often be filthier than the air outside your home. If you have someone in your house who is sensitive to contaminants, that might be a real problem for you. One option is to call an air duct cleaning service like Priceless Plumbing. Many however, …Continue Reading »

water softener priceless plumbing

Using a Water Softener – Is It the Right Investment for You?

Many people invest in a water softener for their home each year when they find hard water deposits in their sink or on their faucets, but understanding how they work is the absolute key to knowing whether this investment is right for you. Take a look at just how helpful a water softener system can …Continue Reading »

unclog shower drain priceless plumbing tempe az

How to Unclog a Shower Drain in 3 Easy Steps

You turn the shower on, hop in, expecting a wonderful cascade of hot water to wash over you, then suddenly you have more water at your feet than you can imagine. Dripping wet, you have to hop out of the bathtub, dry off and decide what to do next. There are few things more frustrating …Continue Reading »

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